Our Story

The Polymath Lab began as my … brain dump. At that time (October 2012), I was working in a small marketing department as a marketing technologist. In any given week that I may be art directing a brochure, producing/directing/editing a video, developing an internal web-based application, or writing a sales proposal.

The original idea was that I would create a repository of technical help articles – all my random learnings could be shared and used by the rest of the world.

Since 2012, my life has evolved substantially. When I left that marketing job, The Polymath Lab sat dormant for about a year. In that year I had begun a job in web development and I was learning so many new things every day. That realization provided me with the spark I needed to start back up. And in August 2014, The Polymath Lab was active again. However, because my working time was more focused, this space became more about web development.

When 2015 rolled around, I took a step back and looked at every article I had written. I asked myself who I wanted my readers to be and what I was trying to accomplish. I considered if I should even be doing this any more? And I came up with a few new (to me) ideas.

Fist, and most important, instead of teaching my readers tactical and technical lessons (which is audience-limiting), I wanted to help others be able to balance all the work in their life. I wanted to help people consider themselves polymaths, to actually get stuff done, and to have fun getting stuff done.

Second, I knew this thing wouldn’t expand if I continued doing it all on my own. I’ve enlisted the help of several friends and colleagues to expand my reach and my areas of expertise. With others involved in this space, I expect to see it continue to evolve as it grows over time.

And last, it needed a redesign. It was cold and boring, like most of the articles I was writing. It needed photography, brightness, fun.

And that’s where we sit today. I have migrated the web design/development articles to a new blog, Cobwwweb. With the remaining articles, those that didn’t serve this newfound purpose have been removed.

The Polymath Lab now focuses on helping our readers balance the many responsibilities in their lives, to accomplish their goals, and to have fun doing it all.

I expect this blog to continue to change throughout 2016 as it looks to find its place in this world. As it does, this page will continue to tell the story of the life and evolution of The Polymath Lab.

Thank you for being a reader.